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What We Believe


At the First Baptist Church, we embrace this historic distinctive called...

Soul Freedom

...To understand our congregation and its beliefs, one must understand this principle. Simply defined, soul freedom is the right and responsibility of each person to stand before God and make decisions about his or her relationship with God. Put another way, we hold the deep conviction that every man or woman has both the ability and the responsibility to enter into a direct saving relationship with God through Christ. We believe this is a personal relationship needing no outside mediation or formation. Rightly understood however, soul freedom is not rampant individualism, although it puts great emphasis on the individual. Rather, it is placing oneself in the hands of God, sometimes through the community of faith, sometimes all alone, but always submitting to God's will. Within these parameters then, at First Baptist Church these are some of the things we believe...

About God

...God is the all-powerful, always present, omniscient Creator of the Universe who has revealed himself to humankind as three persons in one: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. As the Creator, God made men and women to be in relationship with himself.

About Jesus

...We believe Jesus was more than an interesting and provocative teacher. He was God who came to life as a person through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the virgin Mary. While on this earth, his was a ministry of teaching, preaching and healing and his purpose was to reconnect us with God through his death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead. His mission was to bring the love of God to all people and to provide the way to eternal life. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is necessary to secure one's salvation.

About the Holy Spirit

...When a person opens his or her life to Jesus Christ, a power called the Holy Spirit comes to life within our being. This power is the presence of God guiding us to truth, comforting us when troubled, and empowering us to witness to God and to do his will.

About the Bible

...We believe the Bible is the supreme authority for the way we live and believe. We embrace it as the inspired Word of God which provides guidance, instruction and correction. Further, we believe its message is best understood in the context of critical thinking under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By that we mean we do not come to the scriptures as a document to be literally interpreted at every point, but rather to be understood in light of its historical background as applied to our modern context for living. We do not affirm one particular translation as being better than the rest, but believe that different translations bring different insights enhancing our understanding of the original text.

About Sin

...At First Baptist Church, we believe everyone sins and falls short of God's expectations, (Romans 3:23). It is this sin which stands in the way of a perfect relationship with God. Sin refers to the state of separation between human beings and God as well as to the acts and behaviors which are inconsistent with God's plan for our lives. Forgiveness for our sins is made possible through God's gift of Jesus Christ available to all who accept and believe in him.

About the Church

...We do not think that First Baptist Church is the only church in town! Nor do we believe that American Baptists are the only true followers of Jesus. We believe that anyone confessing faith in Jesus is part of God's church. We also believe that it is important to be involved in the expression of the church at the local level for it is here that we grow in community with other believers, worship God in a way that inspires one's Spirit, and receive instruction and encouragement to help us define our ministry and mission.

About Believer's Baptism

...We believe baptism is an ordinance given by Christ as a sign of repentance and as a declaration of faith in his redeeming love. It symbolizes the death and burial of sin and the resurrection to new life. At First Baptist, we embrace Believer's Baptism by Immersion.

About Communion

...We believe the Lord's Supper is the ordinance initiated by Christ on the last night before his death. The bread represents Christ's body and the cup, his blood, given for us. This observance gives us an opportunity to recall what Jesus did when he died on the cross for all people. Our communion table is open to anyone who has a personal relationship with God. It may be experienced in two ways: either during the worship celebration or if requested, in the privacy of a hospital room, nursing home or personal residence.



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