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Discipleship Huddle

Discipleship is a major portion of our vision. As Jesus commissioned his followers to "make disciples", we believe we, too, are to "make disciples".

One of the ways we fulfill our vision is by using a vehicle called a Huddle. A Huddle is made up of individuals who have been invited by a trained discipler, who we call a Huddle Leader, to be intentionally invested in and discipled. We use the model we see Jesus using in scripture. A model of high challenge and high invitation. Huddle members are invited to journey together to learn who they are as a child of God and challenged to grow into that individual. They gain both the character and competency of Jesus through this challenging commitment, so that, they, too, will be able to disciple others.

It is our hope that through this vehicle we might reach our neighbors, friends, co-workers and community for Christ.




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