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Sunday School



January - May 2018


Classes are held for all ages, at 11:00AM, following morning worship.

Children and Youth Classes:

Toddler classes are held in nursery rooms 17-18.

K5 - 4th Grades meet in room 8, upstairs in the South Wing.

5 - 8th Grades meet in room 10 (Media Room), downstairs in the South Wing.

9th-12th Grades meet in the Youth Room, upstairs in the South Wing.


Adult Classes:

Knit, Pray, Love - Room 16 - led by Elaine Parsons
Have you ever thought of knitting as a spiritual art? Have you always wanted to learn how to knit, or  improve your knitting skills? This class will provide opportunity for all of these, plus fellowship with others. You can participate in our Prayer Shawl Ministry, Knit for Kids or work on your own projects.


Adventures in Missing the Point
- Harmony Room - led by Mark Neil & Victor Atiemo-Obeng
Adventures in Missing the Point by Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo: There is a stirring among churchgoers. Many are looking at how the Christian faith is being played out, wondering if somehow we're missing the point. What if there is more to our faith than just getting our souls into heaven?


Message Engagement - Chapel - led by Rev. Karen Walker-Freeburg
Ever wish you had the opportunity to discuss and wrestle with the challenges brought up in the morning’s message? This class is exactly what you have been waiting for!  Engage the message by considering and listening to others consider questions like:  “In what ways did this morning’s message engage you personally as part of this body? In what areas do you feel led to explore more? What ideas or concepts opened the door to a discussion we need to or could have as a church? How can you engage the topics raised in your own study time?” Come enjoy the time to learn and grow together as we take a closer look at each Sunday’s message and how we can engage it in our own lives.





Sunday School