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Job Opening - 2019

First Baptist Church is currently accepting applications for position of Maintenance Manager.

Position Description:

Maintenance Manager



The Maintenance Manager works in cooperation with the Pastoral Staff and the Property Management Team to coordinate the safety, maintenance, and equipment needs of the facilities of First Baptist Church of Midland.


The primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Site maintenance – The Maintenance Manager ensures that the church facilities and grounds are maintained and in a state of readiness for Sunday morning and/or special events.
  • Maintenance of all non-office equipment in the building.
  • Main contact for all lawn care and snow removal.
  • Coordinates duties performed by the Grounds Keeper and the Assistant Custodian.
  • Site safety – ensures that high standards of safety are developed, met and maintained.

Develops, implements, and reviews regularly site-specific maintenance logs for the facility.  Which includes contact names for suppliers; i.e. boiler repairs, lawn equipment, etc. Keeps accurate records of purchases, repairs, and other building activities.

Coordinates, arranges, and supervises or provides for the completion of corrective and preventive maintenance in accordance with operating procedures, practices, and financial considerations.

Equipment Maintenance – The Maintenance Manager ensures that major equipment and furnishings are maintained in safe, operable condition and/or arrange for replacement. 

  1. Develops, implements, and reviews equipment records (included in maintenance logs).
  2. Establishes procedures and contacts to ensure timely repairs of equipment requiring minor repairs on a frequent basis.
  3. Secures major equipment bids and makes recommendations for purchase when replacement or new equipment is required.
  4. Assess all equipment failures.Resolves issues within scope of expertise.Makes recommendations requiring outside contractors.

Site safety – The Maintenance Manager works with the Safety Committee to ensure that all doors, windows, and parking lots are secured.


Clean offices weekly.

  • Clean steps at building entrances weekly or as needed.
  • Keep all floors clean and properly maintained.
  • Keep indoor windows and glass doors clean.
  • Empty trash regularly.
  • Keep the sanctuary and chapel in order and prepare baptistery as needed.
  • Sinks and toilets to be cleaned weekly; floors mopped regularly; and adequate paper supplies available.
  • Narthex and Hearthside floors to be stripped and refinished annually.
  • Regular kitchen upkeep if/when needed.


  1. Participates in the development of policies and procedures related to maintenance and safety as an ad hoc member of the Property Management Team and attends team meetings to keep them apprised of custodial activity.
  2. Electrical, plumbing and furniture repairs and carpentry as needed.
  3. Operate heating and ventilation systems.
  4. Keep an adequate stock of supplies on hand; i.e., soap, wax, cleaners, tools, light bulbs, etc.


The Maintenance Manager reports to the Chair of the Property Management Team.

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